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Spanish Tutor 07-18-2017

Online Spanish Lessons

The funniest way to learn Spanish
Without going to classroom. In the comfort of your home.

You can live in any country. We communicate to each other by Skype.

Private Spanish lessons.

Any age: kids, teens, adults.

Very flexible and entertained lessons.

Elegant neutral Spanish accent.

I promise you will learn Spanish very fast.


Remember: If you are bilingual you can get a better salary.

If you are a beginner, I can start teaching you in English and, gradually, we can increase the amount of Spanish in our conversation. You will see that in short time we can speak entirely in Spanish.

My name is Gregorio Melean
Spanish is my native language and I have more than 30 years of teaching experience. In fact, several teachers and tutors of SSL (Spanish as a Second Language) consult me about their lessons.

  Do you need to pass your Spanish exams?

  Do you need to understand your Hispanic customers?

Or, are you planning to travel to Latin America or Spain someday?

  Maybe to support your international clients.

  Maybe to enjoy the beaches and drink some "piñas coladas" in Puerto Rico.

  Maybe to tan your skin and learn to dance "merengue" in Dominican Republic.

  Maybe to learn to dance "tango" in Argentina.

Or if you are planning to move to a highly bilingual area like California, Florida or Texas, knowing Spanish you can compete for a better position.

Tell me what you need. Maybe just conversation or just grammar or just reading and writing. You can choose it because these lessons are very flexible.

I can teach Spanish from zero level to a very advanced level.
What do you want to learn?
Spanish slang? Yes, I can teach you.
Perhaps, academic language to make a PhD dissertation? Yes, I can.

You can learn Spanish quickly, easily and smoothly.

It's my commitment with you.

With me, you can learn in six months what you would need one year with a Stone program (assuming you spend the same number of hours).

I can give you a variety of exercises: texts to read, questions to answer, podcasts, songs (with the English translation by the side).

The price is $20/hour per student. The first hour is free, so you can evaluate our session. No compromise if you do not want to continue.
I am also offering lessons at $10/hour per person for groups from three (3) to ten (10) people.
If you live in Ann Arbor or nearby and want in-person classes, the price is $30/hour (but I can assure you that my classes via Skype are very good).

You don't have to buy a lesson package. Just one session each time you need it.

Lessons can be as frequent as three times a week, or as little as once a month, as you prefer.

If you don't have Skype, you can download it, open an account and use it, all for free.
If you already have an account but don't want to use for Spanish sessions the same account you are using to chat with your friends and relatives, you can open a new account.

If you are an advanced student of Spanish and just want a brief conversation session using Skype, I can offer a 10 minute session for $4 or a 20 minute session for $8.

So, if you are interested send me an email to

Pay safely with PayPal for online lessons.

To have some background, you can see some Spanish tips I have written at and following pages.

You can hear my voice in this video "Michigan Fall Colors" and at and

You can interact with other Spanish learners and ask questions at the Facebook group "Spanish Language Learners"

A word and a phrase (this changes frequently):

Game of Thrones = Juego de Tronos
Ed Sheeran appears in the first episode of the seventh season of Game of Thrones = Ed Sheeran aparece en el primer episodio de la séptima temporada de Juego de Tronos

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